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GoodsKart is an attempt to bring together India’s best transport service providers, as well as global logistics services – on one platform – in order to offer customers a complete transportation solution for shifting home and personal goods or supplies for a commercial purpose. The thought behind goodskart is to use technology to bring ease of booking a transportation vehicles anywhere, anytime. With the penetration of internet in Indian Economy, a web application which could initiate the booking process online seemed ideal.

Challenges Involved

The booking procedure being dependent on two core things, supply side and demand side of the business, involved plenty of challenges.

  • The platform has to ensure there are enough vehicles and fleet operators for taking shipment requests coming in from customers.
  • On the other hand, there has to be enough customers visiting the portal in order to give good business to fleet operators.
  • wanted to give customers a choice to select their fleet operator , at the same time ensure a great service along with safety of goods and articles.
  • New shipment request to be shown to only those fleet operators who have valid permit for states , shipment has been requested for.


Sugoi Labs’ solution involved the creation of a web application connecting transporters/fleet operators and end-users/consumers on a single platform :

  • The first task at hand was to onboard fleet operators .
  • Fleet operators were provided with dashboard to manage their vehicles and only registered vehicles with all valid documents is allowed to ply under the banner of goodskart.
  • Customers login and request for a new shipment.
  • Based on the request, fleet operators get a notification for a new incoming request.
  • Fleet operators bid on each request quoting a price.
  • Customer have the choice to select any bidder based on previous experience, price and ratings.
  • has a payment wallet which enables an escrow setup for fleet operators, this amount in the wallet is not released to bank account until service request has been closed successfully.


  • An easy to use platform was created connecting customers and fleet operators.
  • The web application has been useful for fleet operators not only in getting new business, it has made the fleet management process smooth and hassle-free.
  • Escrow service introduced by the platform has helped in providing peace of mind to customers and an assurance of service quality.

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