Cheque Bounce Report


CBRsYs is a cloud based solution which enables centralized authorities at the Karnataka Consumer Durables Distributors Association to validate and manage vital financial compliances in terms of cheque bounce report generation and inflow/outflow tracking.

The primary stakeholders involved in the transactional processes of the KCDDA include retailers and distributors. These stakeholders engage in regular cheque exchange for financial transactions. Because of cheque bounces as well as invalid cheques, compliance and revenue issues were at an all time high. What was needed is a solution which could automize the process of issue detection in the cheque exchange process and enable the stakeholders to view the track of the same.

In order to provide ease of access, this application has been built with a mobile-first approach. Entire application can be used seamlessly across devices. Since, the app needed real-time notification system, SMS API was integrated.

The stakeholders involved weren’t used to utilising complicated application user interfaces. So we used a very minimal design approach which behaved as an open portal for tracker viewing and acting while close to traditional spreadsheet views which the stakeholders could easily use. Furthermore the audience being very traditional in their outlook, we kept the colors utilized to bare minimum pastel shades.


  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • Javascript / Jquery
  • LAMP Stack

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