Fitko is a SaaS solution which enables the centralization and actualization of all business & operational processes of a fitness unit as in a gym, fitness centre on to an application which interfaces on client front, employee front and manager/proprietor front.

The primary stakeholders involved in a fitness unit are the management, the fitness professionals (trainers, dieticians etc) and the clients. Any solution that has to be designed to centralize and replicate all business processes of the unit therefore has to focus upon the interaction workflow amongst these stakeholders, and focus on a business return on investment for the unit’s proprietors/management.

Since the stakeholders of the solution need access to the solution anywhere , anytime , the architecture has been implemented on the cloud. FITKO is a SaaS based solution so that it cut down costs for fitness centres, the backend has been made modular for easy customisation and future upgradations.

To implement an easy interaction between stakeholders and also sufficiently focus upon a business revenue and returns traction, we followed an open communication design approach. The three stakeholders can use it to easily communicate amongst each other over day to day events. For instance: trainers can follow up the customers/users with fitness schedules and reports. Notifications are communicated to members on pending payments or registrations.


  • Android
  • Cross Platform
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • Javascript / Jquery
  • LAMP Stack

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