An extensive research work in Neuroscience crafted into a personalised Brain Training Application

Regain Memory ( )

Regain Memory is a physician assisted cognitive therapy program. It has been systematically researched and scientifically proven as an effective memory training system for patients with short-term memory loss due to mild to moderate dementia, CVA and Traumatic Brain Injury.

What we did?


When Sugoi Labs was approached to work on an application for cognitive therapy , it was a challenge to understand the intricacies of the therapy and then put it into an application. We did a lot of our own research on how does a brain function and what works and what does not , for someone to regain his/her memory.

The application was divided into modules based on different functions of the brain. Each of these modules was focussed on a particular function of the brain like Attention, Visual, Auditory, Executive, Delayed Recall, Disinhibition, etc.

The suite of products built included a brain training application on the web, a mobile App on android for detecting brain injury or dementia and a speech therapy application on the web.

The first phase of development involved cognitive testing and Online Cognitive Training for the memory impairment after brain injury or mild to moderate dementia.The portal is developed on LAMP stack using codeignitor framework of PHP. The other technologies used in the development are HTML, CSS,Javascript, MySQL etc.

The second phase of development consisted of robust background tool to monitor and analyze the patients collected data and transform in to the progressive graphics representation as the learning and research tool.

The technology platform that we built helped in research and development which lead to Research presentation at American Medical Information Association 2015 on Brain Injury Cognitive Screening (BICS) American Academy of Neurology meeting in 2015 on Life Integrated Computerized Cognitive Application, (LICCA)and American Congress of rehabilitation Medicine 2015 on Life Integrated Computerized Cognitive Application, (LICCA).

The web application portal developed by sugoi labs which helps in brain training of patients with memory losses. The portal has a web CMS developed for regular updates of the contents and data. It also consists of admin dashboard to access various reports and a patient panel where they can use the brain training application after making online payment on a subscription model.

How we did?

The brain training which used to happen through paper and pen and various other aides was all included in one application. The need for patients to visit the doctor has come down, only interaction a patient would need with the doctor is during the diagnosis and discussing the results of the training.

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