Vidya For You – an online e-learning platform for students of all stream

Modern creative workspace.Vidya For You is an e-learning platform which helps students learn new concepts and subjects at the convenience and comfort of a students’ home. The motive behind vidyaforyou is solving problems faced by students during preparations for exams. All teachers are very well qualified and have to go through exhaustive selection process before coming on-board.

Challenges Involved

Vidyaforyou aims to remove the arduous process of searching a coaching center and wasting time in travelling to and fro for attending classes at these centers.

  • Vidyaforyou wanted a platform where qualified teachers would be able to sign and impart education to students in most convenient way.
  • The platform needed to provide courses to students based on availability, type of demand, preferences, ratings and reviews.
  • The technology had to enable immediate availability of the courses.
  • A payment system was to be set up so that the student can pay online.
  • A forum where students can ask their doubts based on the video course that they are watching
  • Teacher can answer the queries/doubts on the platform itself.
  • Solution

    Sugoi Labs’ solution involved the creation of a web application connecting teachers/instructors and students on a single platform :

  • Students sign up and choose a course of their choice, they can select to learn from any teacher of their choice.
  • Students have option to select the language in which they want to take the course.
  • Students can take course at their own pace.
  • Students can ask doubts on every topic and the same can be answered by the respective teacher.
  • Students can rate and provide feedback for the courses they are taking.
  • Teachers create an account and select the courses they are interested in teaching for.
  • Each teacher application is reviewed and once a teacher clears the selection procedure she is provided with access to teachers’ dashboard.
  • Students can mark questions (asked by others) in the doubt clearance section as favourites to follow a question which they find relevant for themselves
  • Outcome

  • Vidyaforyou has successfully provided students a platform to learn at their own pace in the comforts of their home.
  • Its has provided teachers an opportunity to reach out to a large number of students which was otherwise not feasible.
  • By bringing teachers and students on one platform it has eased life of parents and students alike.
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