How Sugoi Labs worked as an Extended Technology Team for Citimagic – A Home Services App


Citimagic – Journey So Far

Citimagic is a local home services app based marketplace which facilitates services like plumbing, carpentry, painting, etc. Citimagic Website and its associated apps are consumers facing products enabling customers to order services at the convenience of their home.

The entire product comprising of the web portal and mobile Apps have been designed to make it easy to use, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. The major stakeholders of the product are end-users/customers , vendors providing the services, admin of the portal.

What we did?


Once Sugoi labs partnered with the young team at citimagic , it was a growing business which was getting difficult to manage with time. While customers used to book their services through phone calls, there was no booking confirmation or service completion confirmation as well.

What Sugoi labs came up with was a web-based solution for citimagic online services where the customers , vendors for home based services and the citimagic team could all interact on one common platform. The static communication website of citimagic was replaced with a responsive web application where customers could search and book services at desired time and date. Vendors could log in to the portal and view service requests for them. Citimagic team, on the other hand, could add vendors for different services and was able to view and manage the day to day bookings and services delivery.

We divided the entire application into modules and decided on releasing different service offerings in phases . We rolled out all general services having same booking flow in the first release. Home tutor and trainer services were made live next, which was followed by packers and movers. Home based beauty services were made public right after that. This also helped the marketing team focus on individual service offerings at the time of release and hence create greater buzz around a particular service.

Once we had the application on the web live, we started working on Android and IOS apps for customers, so that customers could browse and book desired services on the go.

How did we do?

citimagic_ios2Local home services software that we built had many application components in the platform. These applications may include services listing management, content management, search, personalization and recommendation, order management, payments, review and rating, shipping and warehouse management, pricing and inventory management, fraud and risk management, email and SMS management, vendor management and much more. We also viewed this platform in terms of technology components: a user interface, a data store, a back end data processing system so on.

These were all be taken care of by using an SOA – service oriented architecture. An SOA platform is modular, distributed and decentralized; with each application, component fully isolated from any other.

These components or sub systems talk only through a well-defined API, which is exposed as a service.With an SOA structure in place, each component evolves rapidly and independently. Production problems are isolated and rectified quickly. Scaling challenges are identified and met fast.

The online solution helped the operations team at Citimagic to scale and increase their bandwidth to process higher volumes of service bookings without adding any manpower in the operations team. The effort in co-ordinating with vendors and customers got reduced manyfolds. Customers had ease of access and choice to book a service on the go, which also reflected in spike in number of orders right after the launch of portal

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